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Adhesive tape is a substance that has an adhesive film applied to attach or unite materials and protect surfaces. In addition, it has an adhesive-coated backing or carrier material, like paper, plastic film, fabric, foam, or foil, and, if appropriate, a release lining. For simplicity of use, coated backings are twisted into rolls and cut into narrow bands. To attach or unite materials and protect surfaces, adhesive tape is a substance that has an adhesive film applied. It has an adhesive-coated backing or carrier material, like paper, plastic film, fabric, foam, or foil, and, if appropriate, a release lining. For simplicity of use, coated backings are twisted into rolls and cut into narrow bands. Read More…

Adhesive Tapes Adhesive tapes consist of a base known as backing or carrier such as plastic film, cloth, foils, paper, clear film, etc. The backing has sticky materials, also known as adhesives applied to it. The adhesives are used to make the adhesive tapes tacky. Some tapes come with release liners or primers etc to protect the tapes. Adhesive tapes can be either single-sided i.e. sticky on one side or double sided.

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CS Hyde is a leading distributor and converter that supplies a wide variety of high performance tapes with pressure sensitive adhesive. Our tape is available in materials such as Teflon™ Fluoroplastic, Kapton®, UHMW, Silicone, and many more. Since our fouding in 1996, our team at CS Hyde has continued to be committed to our customers and building long-term relationships by providing top...

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Budnick Converting is a family-owned custom converter and distributor of adhesive tapes, foams, and other flexible materials. We have over 70 years of experience in the tape and converting industry and offer adhesive tapes, foams, films, foils, and other specialty materials from every major manufacturer. Our primary converting services include slitting, die-cutting, printing, spooling,...

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Today's adhesive tapes, such as electrical, packaging, and painter's tape, are all created to fulfill the demands of a particular application. One of the most practical tools ever created, adhesive tapes come in various forms and are used in workplaces, homes, businesses, and other settings.

Steps in Manufacturing Adhesive Tapes

Step 1

Adhesive: First, after the adhesive is created, the material is prepared for coating by binding the adhesive to a solvent that facilitates its distribution onto the backing. Certain adhesives and solvents are utilized depending on the type of tape produced. Typically, hot melt or acrylic adhesives with acrylic and water-based solvents are employed.

Step 2

Coating: Next, to get the backing roll ready for coating, it is unwound. The type of tape created also determines the backing material. At this point, a thin, even layer of adhesive is applied to the backing, and as the solvent evaporates, the layer solidifies.

Step 3

Cutting: After the adhesive has dried, the backing is wound to form the roll. The cutting of the cylinders and packaging of the individual tape coils, ready for shipping, represent the final steps because the roll is still a sizable, wide band that combines multiple final products.

Types of Adhesive Tape

Foam Double-Coated Tapes

Open cell, low-density, double-sided polyester, and polyether foam tapes are the most common types of double-sided urethane foam tapes. They are reasonably priced and effectively insulate against noise, light, and dust. Usually, one side of these foams has a supporting adhesive.

Adhesive transfer tape

This adhesive tape can be used to confirm and adhere the product to erratic surfaces. It may be shielded by a release liner, which is taken off and thrown away during installation.

Single-Coated Adhesive Tapes

Single-coated tapes typically have 1-10 mils thick supports and 2-5 mils adhesive. Acrylic, rubber, and silicone are the three types of single-coated adhesive tape. The most common types of backings are papers, polymer films, foils, nonwoven materials, and woven substrates.

Single Coated tape

With single-sided adhesive tape, a pressure-sensitive adhesive is applied on one side of a stretchy carrier adhesive tape material. This tape is used to attach other components together and adhere the product to the substrate. It may also have a removable release liner.

Double-Coated Adhesive Tapes

Double-sided (also known as double-coated) adhesive tape is made of a fabric or non-woven tissue carrier with a pressure-sensitive adhesive applied to both sides. A wide web laminator or a person can apply these adhesive tapes.

double coated tape

double coated tape

This thin, elastic carrier adhesive fabric is pressure-sensitive and adhesive-coated on both sides; typically, one side is covered by a separation liner and the other side is uncovered. Double-coated tape is used to join two substrates, even with varying textures. It’s also highly configurable, with the option of employing the same or different adhesives for the two adhesive layers. Double sided tape is ideal for bonding gaskets, insulating materials, attaching molding, securing electronic components, and more.

Adhesive Transfer Tapes

Adhesive transfer tape, also known as ATT, transfer tape, or unsupported tape, is made of a thin layer of adhesive covered in a handle-friendly liner. An adhesive transferring tape is used similarly to other double-sided tapes, where the lining is peeled off to attach the second substrate.

Adhesive transfer tape

This product, also known as free film, is made out of a layer of pressure-sensitive adhesive without a carrier. One side is covered by a separation liner, and the other side is uncovered. In addition, due to the absence of a carrier, it is more expandable and conformable. ATT is perfect for attaching nameplates, second-surface printing signage or labels, and other ornamental substrates.

Uses of Adhesive Tapes

  • Joining
  • Masking
  • Sealing
  • Splicing
  • Bundling
  • Surface protection

Since they can be applied without machinery or specialized tools, adhesive tapes have become increasingly common. They come in sheets that can be unwrapped when required, are lightweight, and are simple to store. In contrast to conventional mechanical fasteners like nuts and bolts, adhesive tape doesn't require piercing or punching the substrate, which puts stress on the surface.

Choosing the Proper Adhesive Tape Supplier

To make sure you have the most beneficial outcome when purchasing adhesive tape from an adhesive tape supplier, it is important to compare at least 4 companies using our adhesive tape directory. Each adhesive tape supplier has a business profile page that highlights their areas of experience and capabilities and a contact form to directly communicate with the supplier for more information or request a quote. Review each adhesive tape business website using our patented website previewer to get an idea of what each company specializes in, and then use our simple RFQ form to contact multiple adhesive tape companies with the same form.

Tape Suppliers Power Pages

Adhesive Tapes

Adhesive Tapes

Pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes consist of a backing material film coated with an adhesive intended for relatively low-stress applications. Light pressure, usually done by the fingertips, is applied to initiate the binding. In the sticking process, the fluid properties...

Carpet Tape

Carpet Tape

Carpet tape is a double-sided tape designed for securing carpets or rugs to the floor. It's made of strong, durable, and adhesive material that can hold the carpet in place and prevent it from sliding or wrinkling. Carpet tape is used in

Foam Tape

Foam Tape

One kind of pressure-sensitive self-adhesive tape is foam tape. It has one of several different backing materials and is made of foam. It may have adhesive on one or both sides. Foam tapes are, at their most basic level, tapes that are applied to uneven or

Masking Tape

Masking Tape

Masking tape is pressure sensitive, thin and very adhesive, easy to tear paper that is used in various tasks ranging from masking off areas that are not to be painted or as insulation for electric wires among other...



PTFE stands for polytetrafluoroethylene and is a synthetic fluoropolymer used widely in many industries and many other applications. PTFE is also commonly referred to as thread seal tape, teflon tape, and plumber‘s tape...

Epoxy Adhesives

Epoxy Adhesives

Epoxy: Epoxy glue is a thermosetting adhesive made up of a resin or epoxy polymer and a hardener that is used to adhere or join a range of surfaces together with a strong, permanent, and robust bond that can...

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated Boxes

A corrugated box is a disposable container whose sides are made up of layers of material that include an inside layer, outer layer, and middle layer. The middle layer is fluted, which means it is styled in rigid, wave-shaped arches...

Paper Tubes

Paper Tubes

Paper tubes consist of paper or paperboard sheet layers wound together to form strong, hollow, and usually cylindrical shapes. The paper layers are laminated or bonded together using adhesives. The wall thickness of the tube can vary depending on the number of layers wrapped during manufacturing...

Die Cutting

Die Cutting

Die cutting is the mass fabrication of cut-out shapes by shearing a stock material such as paper and chipboard using tooling called a die. A die is a specialized tool used in manufacturing to cut or shape a material fitted into a press...

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